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Project management

The Project Management module allows you to conduct project activities of the company and at any time to receive relevant analytics on the current status of projects. The functionality of the system allows you to carry out projects from the earliest stage – drawing up the planned budget of the project – after which, on the basis of the already approved budget, it is possible to start projects directly with a hierarchical structure of work, relationships between stages, register planned and actually incurred costs, carry out a plan fact analysis.

The main objective of the Project Management module is to carry out comprehensive control of costs, timelines and work effectively performed during the project, as follows:

  • clearly demonstrate the work done;
  • correlate costs and terms of technical work;
  • provide information with an appropriate degree of detail.

The project management system allows you to create a single module to control all information about products and projects, providing a close relationship between design, production and project management.

Integration between processes avoids duplication of information, contributes to precise control over project development, product development and resource management, and also provides the following benefits:

  • access to information – all departments involved in the development of projects inside and outside the company have fast, organized and secure access to current information about the project;
  • Improving development productivity through full control over planning, procurement, operation and timing;
    convenient information management – a single module for managing specifications, materials, design structure and related technical documentation throughout the development process;
  • integration with MS Project® – contributes to faster and easier project implementation.
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