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Technology partner

We strive for the synergy of the best Russian developments. Developments of technology partners are compatible, deeply integrated and effectively complementing solutions that expand the functionality and technological capabilities of the Ma-3. In the framework of cooperation, all formats of cooperation are individually studied to create a high-quality integrated solution that meets all the requirements of the customer.

The National Platform establishes two levels of Technology Partnership:

Development Partner:

  • It develops products based on the Ma-3 software platform, expanding the functionality of the Ma-3 software or implementing interfaces to an external system (does not apply to OS-type components and database management systems). The rights to sell the software product and provide support services are granted to the National Platform under the terms of a sublicensing agreement.
  • Performs individual tasks of the Ma-3 development cycle (for example, comprehensive testing of new versions of the system), as well as formulates proposals for improving the system.

Technology partner:


  • Technological components not on the Ma-3 software platform, which are included in the Ma-3 or are used in conjunction with the Ma-3, incl.
    • OS / DBMS
    • Function blocks that extend the functionality of the Ma-3 and integrated with the Ma-3
    • Technological elements (for example, algorithms, methods for processing or protecting information, and other components that do not, as a rule, carry a direct functional load)

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