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How to become a partner?

Dear colleagues!

National Platform is the developer of the Russian Ma-3 ERP-system. We strive to make the Ma-3 ERP platform available to all end users, to guarantee the high quality of the product and related professional services.

This means that we, as a vendor of the Ma-3 business platform, ensure the implementation of the following tasks:

  • Design and development of Ma-3 so that the software meets the changing requirements, new trends and user needs
  • Continuous support of the existing Ma-3 quality improvement system
  • Promotion of the Ma-3 ERP-system in the market
  • Sales of our product and supply of software to end users
  • Providing professional services for Ma-3 deployment services at end-user enterprises, including consulting, training at the Ma-3 Academy, support, project management, etc.

We invite you to cooperate in order to achieve success in all these tasks when doing a joint business. For our part, we are confident that we could benefit our common customers in such areas as import substitution in IT, digital transformation of enterprises, business process management, industrial development of software products on a powerful ERP platform and others.

Which partners do we invite?

The National Platform strives for our partners to become the main channels of interaction with the market in the near future. We offer you to become our partner in any of the following areas:

Business partner

A sales partner is an authorized representative of the National Platform authorized to implement licenses for the right to use the Ma-3 ERP-system.

Service partner

The service partner provides services for the implementation of the Ma-3 ERP-system and support for implemented solutions. Service partner specialists undergo training and certification at the Ma-3 Academy.

Technology partner

Partnership to create compatible, deeply integrated and effectively complementary solutions that expand the functionality and technological capabilities of the Ma-3.

Who can become a partner of the National Platform?

Any company operating or planning to work in the IT market, the values of which are compatible with ours, ready to cooperate in the digital transformation of enterprises based on the Russian Ma-3 software products, can become a partner of the National Platform.

To find out how we can be useful to each other as business partners, contact our partner relations department by email or phone.

Telephone: +7 (495) 995-21-30, доб. 5685
E-mail: partner@national-platform.ru

How to become a partner?

If you have already talked with specialists from the partner relations department, studied the partnership materials on our website, see the benefits for yourself from potential cooperation with us and decided to become a Partner of the National Platform, then the next step for you will be authorization.

Authorization includes the submission to the department for working with partners of the National Platform of a package of the following documents:

  • An official letter of intent to become a partner of the National Platform
  • Standard set of statutory documents (copies) according to the attached checklist
  • Completed partner profile
  • Signed Confidential Information Protection Agreement
  • Partnership memorandum signed.

A package of documents can be obtained by sending a request by mail partner@national-platform.ru.

After passing the necessary authorization procedure, your company will be assigned the official status of a partner of the National Platform.

What kind of help a partner can have from the vendor?

The partner of the National Platform can count on:

  • Information and marketing support
  • The right to use the corresponding logo
  • Special conditions for the preparation, training and certification of specialists at the Ma-3 Academy
  • Assistance in organizing the process of selling licenses for the Ma-3 software
  • Assistance in organizing the provision of professional services to end users

The amount of support for the National Platform as a vendor, as well as other opportunities, will depend on the direction of cooperation and the level of partnership.

A personal manager will be assigned to each partner, who will help to organize cooperation with us as efficiently as possible.

You have become a partner of the National Platform. What’s next?

The partner of the National Platform, after completing the authorization process, must choose one or more areas of our cooperation. For example, those that you indicated in the partner’s profile. This is necessary to organize the optimal transfer of knowledge from the vendor to the partner.

Depending on the chosen areas of cooperation, a partner can be assigned one or more of the following special statuses:

  • Business partner
  • Service partner
  • Technology partner

Special statuses require the partner to fulfill certain criteria. You can get a detailed description of special statuses and a list of necessary criteria by sending a request to e-mail partner@national-platform.ru.

Your personal manager will help you develop a training program to meet the relevant criteria.