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National Platform LLC and URALCHEM signed cooperation agreement


At the first stage of the project, automation of business processes of labor protection is to be realized. It should cover the processes of administration, accounting, planning, control and formation of analytical reports on labor protection in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and industry and corporate specifics of URALCHEM

National Platform made a presentation to the visitors of the ITOPK-2020 forum


During the three days allocated for the Forum program, representatives and industry experts discussed the best methods and practices of managing defense enterprises, considered the practical implementation of the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” and recommendations for the implementation of the best domestic IT products for the defense industry.

The National Platform has completed the main stage of the development of the Russian Ma-3 ERP platform and is ready for its implementation at enterprises


The National Platform company, part of the National Computer Corporation IT holding, announces the successful completion of the main stage of development of a new domestic business platform Ma-3 of the ERP class for automated enterprise management. Over four years, more than a hundred highly qualified specialists in the development and implementation of powerful business applications have taken part in the creation of the system.

Interview for Pro Business channel on the topic of «Digital independence»


At the moment, several factors are affecting the development of the IT market in Russia: digital transformation is increasingly embracing various sectors of the Russian economy, technologies are opening up new opportunities for companies. Companies are increasingly striving to increase internal operational efficiency and to streamline operational information in a single system. Also, the domestic