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Ма-3 system

Ma-3 is an ERP-system that automates key business processes and integrates all areas of your business to ensure competitive advantages. 

Ma-3 belongs to the powerful ERP-solutions and ensures stable operation of several thousand simultaneously working users. Ma-3 can be used in large enterprises with a divisional structure. One of the key advantages of the system is its compliance with current information security requirements.

Ma-3 was developed taking into account the current needs of large enterprises and has a combination of such characteristics as:

  • high productivity – the system ensures the stable operation of several thousand simultaneously working users and can be used in large enterprises. This is achieved by the capabilities of the system to create a cluster of application servers with the function of balancing the load between the cluster servers;
  • reliability, security and data security– the cluster architecture of the system allows you to maintain operability in the event of failure of some nodes of the cluster, the subsystem for delimiting user access rights ensures the prevention of unauthorized access to data, and the compatibility of the system with all major operating systems and DBMSs allows you to set up regulations for backing up data and hot-swapping out of order nodes;
  • flexible functional mechanisms for adjusting business processes and accounting policies to customer requirements implemented in the system allow the use of Ma-3 in a wide variety of industries – from retail to production at the level of industrial engineering;
  • independence from the exchange rate and the foreign policy environment guarantees the absence of sudden refusals in technical support and the supply of licenses.

The Russian Ma-3 system was created as a result of the technological partnership of the NCC holding with the largest developer of ERP-systems from the BRICS association. This fully complies with the recommendations of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation on collective software development and cooperation between BRICS countries.

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