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Production management

Planning and Production Control

Planning and Production Control module is designed to effectively manage the full cycle of the production process. The main functionality of the module includes maintaining a production NSI, planning the need for materials, the procedure for balancing capacity utilization, the formation of a production program, production control, etc.

Product development

The Product development module allows you to manage the creation of new products that will subsequently be produced and sold by the company. The main functionality of the module includes the development of new versions of the product, determining the best version of the developed product, estimating the cost of manufacturing, etc.

Factory Floor

The Factory Floor module allows you to plan and control activities at every workplace and at any production installation, as well as monitor and control production results according to the criteria of equipment productivity, production efficiency, behind schedule, production quality, use of workplaces, production defects, deviations from actual / standard production time.

Production Part Approval Process

The PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) — a unified process in the automotive and aerospace industries that helps manufacturers and suppliers coordinate and approve product design and manufacturing processes at all stages of production.

Project management

The Project management module allows you to conduct project activities of the company and at any time to receive relevant analytics on the current status of projects. The main objective of the Project Management module is to carry out comprehensive control of costs, timelines and work that is effectively performed during the project.

Environment Management

The Environment Management module supports the requirements of the ISO-14000 standard and allows you to take into account environmental activities, including carry out registration and assessment of environmental protection requirements and control environmental impacts.