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Training and certification

Training of specialists is an important part of the implementation of an ERP-system. The introduction of Ma-3 is a complex process of phased integration of an ERP-system into the business processes of an enterprise. The effectiveness of Ma-3 is determined not only by the functionality and technical characteristics of the system, but to a large extent by the skills and knowledge of employees about its proper use. Moreover, this applies to specialists of various functional departments of the company: both the internal team for implementation and support, and system users. To solve this problem, Ma-3 conducts training activities for employees, including:

  • Introductory demonstration of the system for users
  • Specialized seminars for specific functional units
  • Training IT specialists to configure and develop in the system
  • Training end users of the system
    Certification of IT professionals and users.

The topics of the seminars and their frequency are formed taking into account the general program of implementation and request from the enterprise.

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