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Ma-3 system uses an internal multi-level organizational structure (up to four levels), enables its usage at almost any enterprise, holding companies or group of companies with a divisional structure.

ERP-system Ma-3 is based on three technological principles:

It’s multilevel

The Ma-3 system supports an internal four-level organizational structure, which enables its usage at almost any enterprises, holdings, concerns with a divisional structure and enterprises with branches and separate divisions.

It’s scalable

The system is characterized by both technological and functional scalability. Technological scalability is a consequence of the special three-level architecture of the system, and functional scalability provides its modularity.

It’s multiplatform

Multiplatform allows you to use the wide functionality of the system Ma-3 on different platforms – a combination of operating systems (OS) for both servers and workstations, as well as DBMS.

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