.: +7 (495) 995-21-30
22nd km, Kievskoe shosse, est. 6, bld. 1, A4b, Moscow, Russian Federation

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Moscow office

Address: 22nd km, Kievskoe shosse, est. 6, bld. 1, A4b, Moscow, Russian Federation


Telephone: +7 (495) 995-21-30
Facebook: national.platform.ma.3

E-mail: info@national-platform.ru
Partners department: partner@national-platform.ru

How to get


On foot from the Rumyantsevo metro station

Exit the first train car from the center. After exiting the metro, Rumyantsevo business center will be on your right. Go straight and then cross the road by turning right. Take the path toward the Comcity Office Park. It’s the dark glazed building complex.

You need to get into the A4b enclosure. To do this, turn right and move along the building past the A2 parking lot to the revolving door in front of the A4 building.
Entering the revolving door, you will find yourself in the Comity shopping gallery. Go down the stairs to the fountain. Turn right and go to the escalators located on the right and left, past Cafe Grusha and Food Room. Go to the main reception on the right escalator.

By car

GPS coordinates for the navigator – 55 ° 38’7.998″N, 37 ° 25’56’208″E
Coordinates for Google and Yandex maps: 55.635253, 37.431516
Follow from MKAD along the Kievskoe highway towards the departure from the city for about 2 km, on your right will be the Rumyantsevo business center. Having passed under the road junction with a turn to Moscow, turn right to the Comity office park and keep left. The Comсity office park building should be on your left.