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The Metrology module within the framework of the quality management system is designed to control the calibration and control of instruments. Covers information related to metrology – the area of quality responsible for measurements, instrumentation and calibration – in accordance with the requirements established in ISO 9000.

The main functions of the module:

  • registration:
    • tools, with their classification by type;
    • calibration procedures and use of tools;
  • separate controls for instruments, scales, manometers, calibrators, etc .;
  • collecting data related to the calibration;
  • repeatability and reproducibility analysis;
  • control of calibration intervals;
  • calculation of measurement uncertainty (type A and B) and metrological confirmation;
  • tool localization management;
  • release:
    • tool inspection forms with all applicable standards and ranges;
    • lists of instruments to be calibrated;
    • calibration plans;
    • calibration certificates;
    • planned and incomplete calibration reports;
    • assessments of the measurement system in accordance with the requirements of ISO – QS9000;
    • emails for users / tool calibrators.
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