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Process Inspection

The Process Inspection module as part of the quality management system  provides verification of each stage of production, including procedures of any kind that require certification.

The main functions of the module:

  • registration of sampling plans used to evaluate the batch;
  • registration of the duration of the product manufacturing cycle with the establishment of terms for each process and / or equipment;
  • registration of selective control with skipping batches to determine the verification mode, which can be individual or group;
  • registration of responsible employees and their respective functions and cost centers;
  • product definition – registration, technical specifications, classification by groups and reference information;
  • identification of nonconformities and their classification;
  • registration of tests and procedures;
  • control the movement of products and materials by:
    • preparation of schedules;
    • inclusion, verification and modification of production orders;
  • production control:
    • results;
    • management of quality indicators – registration of quality indicators, product classes and their inconsistencies, data registration through (inspection) reports and product quality indices);
  • preparing an inspection plan;
  • printing of requests and reports, including: control plans (inspections), quality certificates;
  • cross references between:
    • nonconformities, products and tests;
    • products and technological schemes;
    • tools and ranges;
    • general indicators of production.
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