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Quality control

Inflow Inspection

The Inflow Inspection module is intended to support the quality assurance process in accordance with the minimum requirements established in the ISO 9000 standards. The main functions of the module include controlling incoming materials, receiving and evaluating supplier data, issuing reports on the status of materials, etc.

Process Inspection

The Process Inspection module as part of the quality management system provides verification of each stage of production, including procedures of any kind that require certification.

Non-Conformance Control

The Non-Conformance Control module is intended for cataloging shortcomings and problems during development procedures and management processes, as well as for the implementation of follow-up actions, adjustments, preventive measures and improvements.

Audit Control

The Audit Control module implements general control of company audits conducted by both internal and external auditors.


The Metrology module as part of the control system, quality is designed to control calibration and instrument control. Instrumentation and calibration – in accordance with the requirements specified in ISO 9000.