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Planning and Production Control

The Planning and Production Control module is designed to effectively manage the full cycle of the production process.

The main functions of the module:

  • Maintaining industrial NSI (reference information) – includes maintaining all the necessary information to perform production processes, such as:
    • product compositions (specifications);
    • technological maps;
    • resources and jobs;
    • production calendars, non-working days, breaks;
    • tool, snap.
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) – is intended to calculate a schedule for manufacturing products and purchasing raw materials, components. When performing the planning procedure, the parameters of the production NSI, the volumes of external and secondary demand, the existing stock level and future revenues are taken into account. As a result of the procedure, requirements coverage elements are created, such as purchase requisitions, production orders for manufacturing.
  • Capacity load leveling procedure – distributes production orders in accordance with the available capacity of resources in a given period. During the procedure, algorithms are executed that take into account the parameters of the resources on which operations are performed in the manufacture of products, takes into account working and non-working hours, holiday calendars, time of operations and other parameters. The power leveling procedure can be performed in simulation mode with subsequent saving of the results.
  • Formation of the production program – the formation of production orders based on the results of the procedures for planning the demand for materials and equalizing capacities. Orders can be specified, fixed and transferred to production.
  • Normative confirmation of production orders – used to register operations of a production order, reflecting the consumption of components and manufacturing products. Upon confirmation, the manufactured quantity of products or semi-finished products, the volume of work performed, and the standard consumption of components from stock are performed, which allows you to track the progress of work on the production order. It is possible to perform regulatory confirmation in the confirmation mode of the production order as a whole and operational confirmation. Regulatory order confirmation and registration of component holidays using the functionality of the module Factory Floor (MES) are also supported. To simplify regulatory confirmation procedures, it is possible to use scanning and reading barcodes.
  • Production control – allows you to control the production process due to interactive reports and system forms that display the course of production of products on the operations of the process and allow you to analyze the production situation:
    • analysis of the use of components in the composition of products;
    • analysis of internal operations of regulatory confirmation and write-offs;
    • production order card and production status;
    • list of production orders;
    • stock analysis and demand for production orders;
    • plan / fact for the consumption of components of production orders.
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