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WMS – Warehouse Management

The WMS – Warehouse Management module includes the management of warehouses and sites, is responsible for monitoring and targeted storage of stocks inside the warehouse or inside the company’s warehouse zone.

One of the main functions of this module is to determine the best storage area for each inventory item and to control information such as expiration date, batch (activation of traceability control) and storage location.

In the WMS – Warehouse Management for a distribution center or warehouse, the following basic operations are performed:

  • receipt of stock;
  • stock transfer;
  • stockpiling and storage of stock;
  • stock sorting;
  • cross docking supplies;
  • collection and loading;
  • maintain storage addresses
  • packaging and identification, labeling, price management, stock composition weighing.

The main functions of the module:

  • automatic stock distribution – targeted storage;
  • party management;
  • localization (optimization) of stock;
  • determination of the distribution route;
  • control and distribution of resources – physical and personnel;
  • determination of the distribution route;
  • automatic delivery;
  • contract management.
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