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TMS – Transport Management

The TMS – Transport Management module implements all management and financial processes related to transport operations, as well as controls vehicles, drivers, cargo and trips.

Module Functions:

  • transportation management:
    • delivery process management;
    • creation and issuance of a bill of lading and other accompanying documents;
    • car and driver movement control;
    • reception and loading of cargo;
    • opening, closing and completing trips;
    • downtime control;
  • monitoring performance indicators in the transport division:
    • fleet load analysis;
    • incident analysis;
    • distance traveled (in kilometers);
    • depreciation of the vehicle fleet;
  • logistics:
    • structuring the regions served, determining the levels of subordination between them and the type of services performed in each of them;
    • determination of various types of roads in routes;
    • determination of service conditions by region;
    • determination of the types of services provided, indicating the relevant tasks and activities;
  • commercial management:
    • creation of cargo transportation components in accordance with the conditions of the services provided and with the characteristics of the business of each company;
    • creation of price lists, it is possible to create variations in price lists for each client or group of clients;
    • use of tariffs;
  • contract management:
    • register of contracts with customers;
    • various types of services provided;
    • agency contracts;
  • Invoicing and cost accounting:
    • manual or automatic generation of invoices to counterparties on a single or periodic basis, with grouping / separation by vehicle type or other parameters;
  • TMS portal:
    • access to the transport management system via the Internet using the portal.
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