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The Inventory/Costs module allows you to register in the system the operations of receipt, movement and write-off of inventory materials. In addition, the module manages the valuation of goods and materials using methods such as average price estimation and FIFO valuation. In the module, you can get real-time reporting on inventory balances in warehouses, inventory data of batches, information on cost and inventory movements.

The main functions of the module:

  • managing the movement of materials from receipt to production leave or write-off to cost accounting objects (for example, cost centers);
  • quality control of materials and equipment;
  • management of material evaluation depending on the organizational structure – can be performed within the company, branch or warehouse;
  • managing batches of materials, maintaining additional data for each batch, reporting on stocks and movements of batches of materials;
  • control of expiration dates, with the ability to block batches of materials and equipment with an expired shelf life;
  • ABC classification based on consumption and current price of materials;
  • inventory of stocks;
  • closing (blocking stocks) for movement during inventory and, if necessary.
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