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The Purchases module provides planning and procurement operations in the system and supply chain management from planning requirements for materials, approving, evaluating and limiting procurements, generating procurement documents, and to registering operations of goods and materials receipt at the warehouse.

The following documents are created in the Purchase module:

  • Purchase requisitions – manually or automatically as a result of the planning process for production requirements for materials in the Production management module or by the planning method at the point of order.
  • Requests to registered suppliers for the analysis of offers, at prices, terms of payment and delivery times.
  • Purchase orders – automatically from the procedure for analyzing offers, manually with reference to purchase orders, automatically in the Contract Management module, based on specifications for contracts and contract terms.
  • Transportation documents and consignment notes for the receipt of materials and registration of transport and procurement costs.

The Purchases module is integrated with the modules Inventory/Costs, Contract Management and Project management, as well as with the Financials and Management Accounting modules.

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