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Data Collector

The Data Collector module allows you to speed up the process of data collection using portable devices. In this case, a barcode identification mechanism is used. The solution is intended for data collection devices, micro-terminals and TelNet terminals connected directly to the Ma-3.

The main functions of the module:

  • accounting of the receipt of materials:
    • control of receipt of materials by reading the barcode;
    • reconciliation with a purchase request or an incoming invoice;
    • verification of inconsistencies and / or facts of manual input of materials;
  •  dispatch:
    • sorting, packaging of materials;
      formation and printing of outgoing invoices and official markings;
  •  inventory:
    • selection of warehouses for subsequent inventory;
    • inventory of goods / materials through RF (radio frequency identification);
    • automatic registration of accounting results;
    • inventory movement accounting;
  •  production:
    monitoring and control of the production process;
    completion of the production stage in accordance with the production order and / or production scenario;
    accounting for losses and downtime using the calculation of capacity loading operations;
  • requests and reports:
    • requests for product quantities and stock balances;
    • printing labels on the thermal printer to identify the product, box, packaging unit, address and carrier.

Note: the module is only available for use with the VT100 protocol.

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