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Customer Relationship Management

The Customer Relationship Management module provides functionality that fully covers the business processes of pre-sales, sales and after-sales events through integration with the Sales ManagementmodulesandContract Management, as well as the functional components of the Call CenterandTechnical Support.

Call сenter

The Call center module allows you to optimize the processing of incoming client calls.

Results and research management

The Results and research management module ensures that the company can prepare, execute and evaluate any satisfaction survey, in order to best launch its product on the market, and optimally organize its costs and investment.


The Billing module provides registration of sales documents in the system, from the planning of sales to the shipment of goods to the buyer. The functionality of the module allows you to plan shipments, manage the client’s credit limit, sales prices and create outgoing documents.

Contract Management

The module Contract Management in the system is fully integrated with the modules Purchases, Invoicing, Project Management and Budget Planning and Control. The module allows you to manage not only the data of contracts in the system, but also the life cycle of the module documents, statuses and processes of agreement of contracts.

OMS – Distribution Management

The OMS – Distribution Management module provides registration in the system of all sales documents, from sales planning to shipment of goods to the buyer. The functionality of the module allows you to plan shipments, check the stock of products in the warehouse, the credit limit of customers, standard delivery conditions, etc., manage sales prices and create outgoing documents.


The Purchase module provides management of planning and procurement operations in the system and supply chain management from planning material requirements, approving, evaluating and limiting procurement, generating procurement documents, and to registering operations goods and materials at the warehouse.


The Inventory/Costs module allows you to register in the system the operation of receipt, movement and write-off of goods and materials. In the module, you can get real-time reporting on inventory balances in warehouses, inventory data for batches, information on inventory prices and movements.

WMS – Warehouse Management

TheWMS – Warehouse Management module includes the management of warehouses and sites, is responsible for the control and targeted storage of stocks inside the warehouse or inside the company’s warehouse zone. One of the main functions of this module is to determine the best storage area for each inventory and control information such as expiration date, batch (activation of traceability control) and storage location.

Management of shipper freight

The Management of shipper freightmodule is intended for fleet maintenance management and includes functionality for accounting for fuel and lubricants consumption, settlements for fuel and lubricants, accounting for operations with vehicle tires (accounting for the degree of wear, registration of tire fitting), planning of vehicle maintenance, integration with the transportation planning module.

TMS – Transport Management

The TMS – Transport Management module implements all management and financial processes related to transport operations, and also controls vehicles, drivers, goods and trips.

Data Collector

The Data Collector module allows you to speed up the process of collecting data using portable devices. In this case, a barcode identification mechanism is used. The solution is intended for data collection devices, micro-terminals and TelNet terminals connected directly to the Ma-3.