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By training is meant the specific training of personnel aimed at the reliable development of various tasks inherent in various positions. Training activities are usually carried out within the same company, in their own work environment, under the responsibility of the teacher prepared for this purpose.

The Training module operates on the following data:

  • Organizations selected as training providers
  • Training courses
  • Teachers
  • Trained staff
  • Grading system
  • Grade Data
  • Training requests
  • Information about the courses (invoices for payment, percentage of attendance at classes, etc.).

Job definition

Using the data collected during the analysis of the position, it is possible to prepare a profile of an adequate specialist for a specific position in the organizational structure of the company. Within the framework of a professional profile, the employee must know the field of his activity, his duties and functions. All these data are available in the directory of posts.

Assessment Factors: General and Group

Evaluation factors allow you to qualify positions in the company. As general assessment factors, such elements as training, experience, physical effort, risks and their gradation are used. Thus, when analyzing the curriculum, it is assessed whether the candidate possesses the necessary qualities.

Group assessment factors allow you to determine the differences between positions and qualifications required for work, based on common factors.

Score system

The module provides an opportunity to define control questions and alternative tests, define assessment models and set criteria that will be used both for assessing knowledge and for assessing the course and teachers.

Training schedule

Based on the training schedule, the system distributes employees according to the calendar of courses, notes the payment, controls the costs for each participant in the educational process and plans to evaluate the results.

Training needs analysis

The system compares the available training programs necessary for the performance of official duties in the field with the specific needs of employees, while identifying training needs.

Updating Grades

The system monitors grades of employees and updates them for a certain period.


In addition to the features listed above, the module provides a number of reports:

  • Estimation of training costs
  • Reconciliation of planned courses with
  • Presence sheet
  • Course Schedule
  • Study invitation
  • Certifications
  • Reconciliation of requested trainings with failed
  • Educational materials
  • Evaluation results.

Integration with the module Budget Planning and Control

Such integration allows you to check the availability of the budget for training in a given period for a given cost center. If the costs of the cost center have already reached the amount of the budget for training in this period, training planning will be blocked.

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