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Organizational Architecture

The company’s desire to improve its organization is the path to a competitive advantage.

The term “organization” refers to the mechanisms of administration, structural formations, strategies – all that is based on the daily activities of the company. The combination of these elements is the organizational structure.

The objective of the Organizational Architecture module is on the basis of the company’s device, to ensure the construction and management of activities at the level of departments and individual posts, to assemble elements into a single mechanism, taking into account such requirements as:

  • The hierarchical structure of units
  • Post-to-Post Communications
  • Job management in each unit
  • Transparent interaction of departments and management of communication channels.

A schematic representation that reflects the relationships of units helps determine the order of their interaction. This mapping is called the Representation unit in the organizational chart.

A schematic representation that reflects the relationship of the posts and determines their working relationship is called the Communication Structure.

Units are associated with the organizational structure that defines the positions or roles within a department. These units, in turn, are associated with the approved positions, which are assigned to employees performing their work at a particular moment.

The organizational structure allows you to functionally provide funding for departments, as well as control the filling of the staffing of the company.

In accordance with the organizational structure of the unit and in response to its changes, new vacancies may be opened or actions may be taken to select new resources that have been approved by the company.

Access to specific levels of the organizational structure of the unit is assigned by a joint review of units and the hierarchy of posts. At the same time, the product of the unit’s activity is determined so that, outside the framework of the Communication Structure, it is possible to control the availability of viewing personal activity and manage the activity at the post level.

Available resources

  • The operational status of the organizational structure by departments
  • Operational representation of organizational structure by department
  • Communication structures between posts / persons for:
    • Services, the provision of which requires approval at the highest level;
    • Graduation of authority for posts;
    • Access to the web services of persons / posts depending on the authority.
  • Definition of posts in a department to determine limits and expenses by department;
  • Determining the organizational structure of posts by department to determine the size of departments, budgets, costs and forecasts;
  • Comparison of the planned and actual organizational structure of the unit and the filling of staff units with personnel in specific periods;
  • Register of changes and approvals of the organizational structure;
  • The register of filling and changing staffing within the organization;
  • History of positions since their opening;
  • Unit expenses
  • Filled and open positions;
  • Number of posts and related employees by department.

Integration of Organizational Architecture and Personnel Outplacement and Selection modules

The integration of these modules makes it possible to fill a position in the Organizational Architecture as a result of filling a vacancy in the module Personnel Outplacement and Selection with the same characteristics formulated for this position. It is important to consider information recorded upon admission.

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