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Personnel Management

The Personnel Management module is deeply integrated into the Ma-3 system and plays a large role in the control and automation of activities related to personnel management. The functionality of the module concerns such areas as salaries and taxes included in it, holidays, severance pay, regular accruals, etc. In the scope of his work are:

Hiring Procedures

  • Monitoring Trial Agreements
  • Formation of certificates regarding dependents
  • Family composition deductions
  • Family benefits
  • Formation of an employment agreement with withdrawal in MS Word
  • Formation of documents on employment with the output in MS Word.

Types and forms of employment

  • Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly wages, piece-rate wages, part-time workers, commission workers, autonomous workers, teachers with monthly and class pay, etc.
  • Dependency Accounting
  • Beneficiary Accounting

Payroll preparation

  • Calculation of advances at various interest rates
  • Weekly payroll
  • Monthly payroll

Salary components

  • Tax definition
  • Determination of components for the average accrual in the event of vacation, termination of cooperation or advance notice
  • Component Calculation Procedures Specifications
  • Determining the sequence of calculation of components

Vacation calculation

  • Individual or group vacation pay
  • Vacation
  • Generation of vacation notifications
  • Examination of absence without good reason
  • Formation of individual and group vacation sheets
  • Keeping a vacation schedule
  • Vacation report generation

Calculation of severance

  • Collective computational modeling
  • Termination of an employment contract
  • Related calculations
  • Calculation of pensions


  • Bonus for long service
  • Fare
  • Food expenses
  • Two types of health insurance
  • Basic food basket
  • Life insurance

Salary increase

  • Calculation of an employment contract
  • Preliminary review
  • Consideration of distribution in relation to admission
  • Simulation calculations
  • Load increase
  • Planned increase
  • Retroactive employment contract

End of Year Award

  • Annual bonus
  • Calculation of a phased payment
  • Calculation of the 13th salary


  • Amount paid
  • List of accepted and dismissed (on magnetic media)
  • Responsibility Summary
  • Family benefits

Automated registries

  • Payroll History
  • Layoff history
  • Credential Change Control
  • Vacation History
  • Union accruals
  • Photo
  • Printouts


Module components and their functionality:

The Personnel Administration component provides:

    • employee data management;
    • personal data (name, gender, date of birth, marital status, composition of the family, citizenship, contact information);
    • data of documents (passport, SNILS, TIN, driver’s license, etc.);
    • address data (registration address, actual address, information address, etc.);
    • education (educational institution, diploma data, faculty, assigned specialty);
    • maintaining and accounting of the WM;
    • maintaining and calculating various types of experience;
    • accounting for periods for which employees are entitled to annual and additional holidays;
    • conducting personnel events (hiring, transferring, changing essential working conditions, business trip, vacation, recall from vacation, rewarding, changing the name, temporary
    • performance of duties, replacement, dismissal).
  • The component Time tracking allows you to:
    • standard time schedules;
    • individual time schedules;
    • accounting for various types of absences (primary and secondary leave, sick leave, etc.);
    • accounting for various types of presence (overtime, weekend work, work in harmful working conditions);
    • summarized accounting of working time (1 month, 1 year);
    • counting overtime hours and working hours on weekends and holidays;
    • accounting for the work of employees with a different wage system – hourly wage, monthly wage, pay under civil law contracts;
    • a flexible system of settings for the functioning of time tracking and payroll allows you to implement complex calculation schemes in the system.
  • The Payroll component provides:
    • maintaining bank details of employees;
    • maintaining the procedure for calculating wages (including advance payments, inter-settlement payments);
    • calculation of surcharges for overtime work (on holidays and weekends, at night);
    • calculation of average earnings for calculating the allowance for the period of temporary incapacity for work, for paying leave and paying monetary compensation for unused vacation;
    • calculation of bonuses and allowances;
    • calculation of taxes and fees;
    • vacation calculation;
    • calculation of sick leave;
    • calculation of tax and other deductions;
    • calculation of alimony and other deductions;
    • calculation of remuneration under GPC agreements.
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