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Organizational Architecture

The Organizational Architecture allows you to create the organizational structure of the enterprise, effectively manage the staff and budget in accordance with the strategy of the company. The main functions of the module include maintaining the hierarchy of the organizational and staff structure, planning and distribution of costs by departments, maintaining information on working time schedules, etc.

Personnel Management

The module Personnel Management is designed to automate the process of personnel management in the company.

Positions and Salaries

The Positions and Salaries module is intended for planning and ensuring constant compatibility of positions and corresponding salaries with the market, company salary policy and job structure. The system allows you to analyze salary levels, while data collection can be manual or automatic.

Electronic Attendance Control

The Electronic Attendance Control module is designed to control employee time tracking. The main functions of the module provide automatic generation of data on working hours of employees, accounting of arrival and departure, calculation of attendance, etc.

Personnel Outplacement and Selection

The Personnel Outplacement and Selection module is designed to manage all stages of the recruitment process: staff planning, job analysis, job openings, evaluating a resume, internal selection of candidates, preparing tests for evaluating candidates, applying tests and analyzing test results , recruitment.


The Training module is intended for the definition, planning and implementation of projects and training programs, courses, trainings and other forms of professional development in a company.

Appraisal of Performance and Personal Development

The Appraisal of Performance and Personal Development module allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s personnel. This is a tool that allows the company to conduct various studies related to the behavior of personnel to assess the level of employee satisfaction and the socio-psychological climate in various areas of the company.

Labor Lawsuits

The Labor Lawsuits module provides control and monitoring of labor disputes and lawsuits filed by employees and former employees.

Occupational Safety and Health

The Occupational Safety and Health module is designed to monitor and manage occupational health and safety activities. The legislation of the Russian Federation is taken into account in the part that defines the legal framework for labor protection.

Health Care Plan

The Health Care Plan module is intended for use not only by medical institutions, such as clinics or their networks, but also by companies for their employees, as well as insurance companies. The module’s functionality provides the company with tools to increase operational productivity, such as accrediting the supplier network, managing contracts and sales, authorization and maintenance processes, biometric validation, monitoring medical bills, and processing related payments.