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Corporate platform


Configurator is a module that includes a set of tools for customizing the operation of the Ma-3. It is the main tool for developing and configuring integrated system modules, adjusting parameters, triggers, etc.

Corporate portal

The Ma-3 system provides access to the functions of a number of modules through Corporate portals. This improves the comfort of working in the system and improves the availability of information.


The Workflow tool allows you to program events in the Ma-3 system. An event can be either an electronic message or a business transaction of a company.

Reply environment

The Reply Environment module allows for the exchange of data between company departments that are not connected to the corporate network.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

The working environment of the Business Intelligence and Reporting of the Ma-3 system provides a set of tools for online information processing, including the dynamic construction of reports in various sections, data analysis, monitoring and forecasting of key indicators business. This environment is based on the technology of operational analytical processing of multidimensional data (collection, storage, analysis) to analyze the activities of the corporation and predict the future state in order to support the adoption of management decisions.