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Contract Management

The Contract Management module in the system is fully integrated with the modules Purchases, Project management, Billing, Budget Planning and Control. The module allows you to manage not only the data of contracts in the system, but also the life cycle of the module documents, statuses and processes of agreement of contracts.

In addition, the functionality of the module allows you to create subsequent documents (procurement or sales) automatically, with reference to contract documents.

The following functions and documents are implemented in the Contract Management module:

  • Contract – a module document that contains the terms of the transaction, data that controls the life cycle of the contract (status, start date and end date of the contract). Depending on the type of contract document, it may contain a specification that will indicate the goods and materials (inventory), quantity, price under the contract and delivery time.
  • Revocation under the contract – a document in the system that records the fact of shipment or receipt of goods and materials. Based on the revocation document, the system can automatically generate the following documents – purchase orders or sales orders.
  • Revision of the contract – in accordance with the life cycle of the contract, its changes, such as the validity period, price conditions, payment terms, change in the contract quantity, are recorded using the contract revision procedure. When changing the terms of the contract in the system, a number is assigned to it, which allows you to manage versions of the contract document in the system.
  • Statuses – the system implements the ability to manage the status of contracts. Depending on the current status, the system allows you to create subsequent documents with a link to the contract or not.
  • Approval of the contract – the system has developed the functionality of approving documents by responsible persons.

The Contract Management module allows you to reflect all the operations for the management of procurement and sales contracts in the Ma-3 system.

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