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Tax Records

The Tax Records module is designed to automate tax transactions and generate reports for submission to the tax authorities.

The main functions of the module:

  • Accounting for income tax and tax differences is a comprehensive solution based on the possibilities of conducting flexible parallel accounting in “Ma-3”. For the organization of tax accounting, the solution combines the functionality of various modules of the system:
    • parallel valuations in the module Fixed assets for conducting separate valuation of fixed assets: accounting, tax, permanent and temporary differences;
    • cost differentiation in the module Inventory/Costs. Allows you to configure up to 99 cost elements, including elements for classifying permanent and temporary differences, and provide end-to-end accounting of all manufactured and purchased products by primary cost elements, including when using the semi-finished method of accounting and valuation of inventories at average prices;
    • parallel accounting in the module Management Accounting. Based on a single entry of primary documents, the system generates postings for different types of balance sheets. The basis for the formation of analytical tax registers is the documents registered in various modules of the Ma-3 system and generating tax entries in the general ledger and containing data necessary for the formation of a tax accounting base.

Tools for implementing the decision on income tax allow you to generate not only the necessary statements for submission to the tax authorities, but also additional statements, such as a tax balance or a balance sheet for temporary differences.

  • Accounting for VAT. It implements the following main functions:
    • basic operations:
      • maintaining reference books on VAT;
      • VAT on the sale of goods and services;
      • invoices;
      • registration of input VAT;
      • VAT deduction, transfer of deduction;
      • VAT on obligations in currency and cu;
      • VAT recovery;
      • VAT on advances;
    • adjustments:
      • correction and adjustment of revenues / sales;
      • VAT upon return of goods;
    • intermediary operations:
      • invoice registration journal;
      • sale / purchase through an intermediary;
    • reporting:
      • Book of purchases;
      • sales book;
      • tax return;
  • Transport, property tax. It is implemented based on the data of the module Fixed assets.
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