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The National Platform has completed the main stage of the development of the Russian Ma-3 ERP platform and is ready for its implementation at enterprises


The National Platform company, part of the National Computer Corporation IT holding, announces the successful completion of the main stage of development of a new Russian business platform Ma-3 of the ERP class for automated enterprise management. Over four years, more than a hundred highly qualified specialists in the development and implementation of powerful business applications have taken part in the creation of the system.
Ma-3 ERP-platform provides comprehensive planning and management of all major business processes of a modern enterprise. Ma-3 implements the basic functionality of the MRP II standard: “Production planning and management”, “Procurement management”, “Sales management” and “Inventory management”, “Personnel management”, corporate management, accounting and tax accounting, execution control budget. This core functionality supports most of the key business processes in an enterprise.
Accounting is implemented in compliance with all the requirements set forth by Russian legislation, and the tax part is fully consistent with the Russian tax code and PBU. A serious advantage of the system is the flexibility in building parallel accounting and cost accounting. For example, setting up a complex process such as “End-to-end costing by element of costs in a semi-finished method” requires much less client and implementation effort than with other ERP systems. It is easy to implement parallel accounting, which is necessary for the formation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS, reporting on income tax.
The processes of a modern enterprise in logistics can be most fully implemented using the Ma-3: Logistics, which includes warehouse management, transport management and order management. The solution allows you to optimize the production process and reduce the cost and time of order processing, reduce purchasing costs and warehouse stocks.
An important feature of the Ma-3 system is the ability to implement reflection of each business process of an enterprise and obtain operational reporting in analysts specific to a particular enterprise. The Ma-3 platform allows you to integrate additional functions, which allows each enterprise to modify the standard business processes of the system for the most effective support of the enterprise and ensure its competitive advantages.
In addition to the basic outline, the platform includes additional modules such as: “Labor protection and industrial safety”, “Quality control”, “Project management”, “Budgeting”, “Advanced warehouse management” and many others.
“The Ma-3 platform belongs to the class of ERP solutions for medium and large enterprises and ensures the stable operation of several thousand concurrent users. We believe that the combination of its technical characteristics and the existing need of Russian enterprises for a productive and secure system of automated enterprise management will allow Ma-3 to be successful in the ERP systems market”, said Andrey Zaripov, CEO of the National Platform.
The technological platform of the system is a multi-tier network of servers required to operate in large landscapes: many horizontally scalable application servers, a load balancer server, a user connection broker that restores the state of a user session when working in networks with poor communication quality, many horizontally scalable interaction servers with a DBMS. Thus, the system can support several thousand concurrent users.
The platform has built-in tools for managing the system landscape, distributing servers and other system components across virtual and physical servers, monitoring and managing load.
The main objects of the system have adapters, and the functionality is implemented using MVC. The system functions have REST / SOAP services. The platform has a built-in integration bus that manages message queues to and from external systems.
The system is fully adapted to work in the cloud. The technological platform of the Ma-3 ERP-system allows you to work both on most standard operating systems and on OS certified in Russia (for example, Astra Linux, Alt Linux, “Osnova”) created for the needs of government bodies, the defense industry and state corporations … “Ma-3” supports all popular databases, including adapted for PostgreSQL DBMS.