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Interview for Pro Business channel on the topic of «Digital independence»


At the moment, several factors are affecting the development of the IT market in Russia: digital transformation is increasingly embracing various sectors of the Russian economy, technologies are opening up new opportunities for companies. Companies are increasingly striving to increase internal operational efficiency and to streamline operational information in a single system. Also, the domestic market has its own characteristics of market development.

“How is the IT market in Russia changing and developing? What is the situation in the field of import substitution? And what solutions can the domestic IT market offer Russian companies? ” – These issues were raised during the discussion of the topic of «Digital independence» by the leading channel of the Pro Business channel. More details on this topic can be found in the video recording of the interview:

Guests of the program: Nikolai Serikov, CEO of IT Scan, and Andrei Zaripov, CEO of National Platform.
Presenters: Alina Matvienko and Vadim Starshevsky, CEO of SystemGroup.